SHEGAZES is a paradigmatic shift toward the portrayal of women in art and in photography.

Women’s bodies have been used to a maximum extent for voyeuristic male sexual pleasure. Through cinema and literature we grew up offered images of naked, sexualized women, displayed for, and created by, the male gaze. Most of us (men and women) have internalized these images as normal and common and we unconsciously reproduce them through our art. If we want to change the perception of women, we need to change their representation in literature, art, media, and fashion. We need to destroy the images that we consumed growing up, we need to unlearn what we think is a good and appealing picture.
SHEGAZES wants to gather everyone to create new images of women and establish new rules. It can be playfull, surreal, insolent, dreamy, bold, anything but a naked women on a kitchen counter!

The call for submission for the issue 6 is open!

 The female gaze is not the gaze of a woman, it’s a different way to look at woman by not objectifying them.  But what does it mean to look at the world with a female gaze, an empathic world, without domination?  / Le regard féminin ce n’est pas le regard d’une femme sur le monde, c’est une façon de filmer et de photographier les femmes sans en faire des objets. Mais qu’est-ce que regarder le monde à travers un regard féminin, un monde plus empathique, plus humain, sans domination?

Send 3 to 4 photos – the deadline is may the 4th!